Http Error (None) on Post Review

Issue #466 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

On TortoiseHg Workbench 2.0.2 on Windows 7 I attempt to post a review and I get an Http Error (None) message in a windows popup.

Steps: -Right-click changeset and choose Post to Review Board... -Select repository, etc. and click Post Review -The wait bar says Processing... -Then I get hit with a popup that says: Http Error (None)

Seems like a configuration issue, but everything else looks right: -Repository ID is there -Summary is there -It doesn't matter which option I choose.

Settings button doesn't work either.

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  1. Fredrik Håård

    We have this error too, and I can add that no errors show up in the reviewboard error or debug log; just one entry in the access log: "GET /api/ HTTP/1.1" 200 5253 "-" "Python-urllib/2.6"

    This is using reviewboard 1.6.1 and apiver=2.0

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Fredrik, We had a similar issue today where Review Board sent us back a JSON error message about missing revision on the server (we didn't send all local commits for review) in the body of 400 POST response, but TortoiseHg didn't display it. It's only in Wireshark that we could see what went wrong. Hope your patch addresses this scenario as well.

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