Inconsisent / incorrect calling out to Winmerge for 3-way merge

Issue #4679 open
created an issue

I use WinMerge as my external diff tool but it only supports 2-way merges.

Now, from the resolve conflicts screen when I click [Tool Resolve] in the upper section it correctly runs KDIFF in 3-way merge mode. This is as expected.

But from the same screen when I click [3-Way Diff] in the bottom section, it runs WinMerge in 2-way mode, not KDIFF. That doesn't seem correct.

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  1. DaveInCaz reporter

    @Yuya Nishihara regarding your comment on 2017-02-04... Winmerge does not have a 3-way mode, that is correct. The issue I was trying to raise was that THG runs Winmerge in 3-way mode ANYWAY, instead of KDIFF which is what I expected (and which it does use in other 3-way contexts).

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