Implement F2 keyboard shortcut to rename patches in patch queue and repository list

Issue #4915 closed
Thomas D.
created an issue

This is an RFE to introduce the windows default shortcut for renaming items in lists, F2. Renaming patches is a frequent scenario to indicate version numbers, changes etc. so it would be nice if the windows default shortcut for renaming, F2, would do the trick here. Thank you very much for your efforts.


1) focus and select a patch in patch queue or repository list 2) Press F2 key

Actual result - nothing

Expected result - open "Rename Patch" dialogue

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  1. Thomas D. reporter

    This feature rocks every day! Any chance you could also do issue #4944 (DEL key to delete patches from queue) soon, maybe just a few lines similar to the patch for F2 here?

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