sync: Nonsense/unclear dialog after choosing to remove authentication

Issue #5068 open
matteosistisette NA
created an issue

I cloned a repository from bitbucket. I had a few other repositories cloned from the same account on bitbucket.

So, I went to push some commits and I got this message (see screenshot 1) :

You have authentication info configured for this host and inside this URL. Remove authentication from this URL?

This is already not very clear, however I think I get what it means.

I choose "Yes", and then I get this other prompt of which I can't make any sense: see screenshot 2.

I'm sure there is a legittimate question to be asked here to the user; however, the only person that can understand this is the developer who wrote it. To the user, this is incomprehensible gibberish.

"Save path": of what? You just asked me whether it was ok to REMOVE something, so now ask me where to save WHAT? "Alias:" what alias? Alias for what??

This prompt needs to explain better what Tortoise and/or Mercurial is doing here and what they are asking me