"Phase" randomly not updated

Issue #5069 closed
matteosistisette NA
created an issue

See the screenshot: I have this repository, I have done 2 commits and I HAVE PUSHED THEM to the remote repository on bitbucket.

I have checked on bitbucket and the 2 commits are online.

So, they should be displayed as "public", but they are still displayed as "draft". I have tried pushing again, it says there are no outgoing changes (which is correct), but the status remains "draft".

This doesn't usually happen, it's the first time I observe it and I don't know of a systematic way of triggering this.

I don't know if it has to do with the fact that I encountered issue 5068 and cancelled removing redundant account info (which of course is not expected to cause this)

(of for fuck's sake, I can't copy and paste an image? Seriously? Ok, let me save and upload it).

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