Cannot update to revision and use Workbench on other repositories

Issue #518 open
Stephen Belknap
created an issue

In 2.0.3, when I update to a particular revision, the update dialog is modal. This makes it impossible to, while the update works, say update to some other revision in another repository or to browse revisions of another repository etc.

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  1. Steve Borho
    • changed status to open

    This isn't new to 2.0.3; update has been a modal dialog nearly from the beginning.

    I've been thinking that updates would happen much faster in large repositories if we could toggle off the --verbose flag which outputs every file being updated.

  2. Stephen Belknap reporter

    If there is a configuration file of some kind that I can change I don't mind doing various update operations to see how much of a delay we get in our largest repository.

    Barring that, when this item is addressed I can retest and let you know what I find.

  3. Stephen Belknap reporter

    I unfortunately am not able to get the code and hack on it (no personal computer). However I was able to compare the time with running from the command prompt (both inside the tool and via CMD in Windows).

    In all cases, the time to update across revisions was roughly the same, independent of --verbose (which I also confirmed via the command line).

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