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Peter Suter
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Is there support for evolve's uncommit command?

uncommit extracts changes from a commit into the working directory,

I enabled the evolve extension and can see other commands like prune in the Modify History menu, but not uncommit. Could it be added?

Workaround: I added a custom tool hg uncommit --all to the toolbar. It seems to work fine.

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  1. André Sintzoff

    AFAIK, the last loaded extension is the one which will be used when conflicting command names.

    For instance, if uncommit extension is set after evolve one in .hgrc file, the uncommit extension will override the uncommit command provided by evolve one.

    An additional point to take in mind is that the syntax of hg uncommit depends on the enabled extension.

  2. Peter Suter reporter

    Thanks, I was unaware of that. Where can I learn more about the uncommit extension? It is not listed in or the first page of google results for "mercurial uncommit extension".

    I now found it on hg help extensions (as EXPERIMENTAL), hg help -e uncommit and on (BTW why are none of the /doc pages linked from They seems surprisingly well hidden.)

    Presumably I still need evolve for prune, touch etc.? Or was that unbundled now?

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