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Eric Yu
created an issue

TortoiseHg version: 2.0.3

QT Application seems using different default font which is quite different from other non-QT applications. On my Traditional Chinese Windows, the legibility is very poor.

Please see attached image. This is just main window, and all dialogs are the same.

Is it possible to change the UI font based on configuration?

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  1. Nelson Chu

    TortoiseHg version: 3.1.1

    I also have a Chinese version of Windows 7, and by default the font used is one with Serifs. I've tried to set the Message Font to a SanS Serif one, but the globally used font doesn't change even after THG restarts.


  2. Yuya Nishihara

    Can you try without win32gui.pyd to see whether the problem is caused by 94010af8d9b6 ?

    If win32gui.pyd is not found, lfMessageFont won't be used.

    1. rename C:\Program Files\TortoiseHg\win32gui.pyd to win32gui.pyd~ for example
    2. start thg.exe

    (Note: it might cause another problem)

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