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When trying to clone a repo it would be nice if clone dialog box shows a option to provide a branch name to clone to. ("-r branchname" in command line)

I guess when user selects clone to branch option it should disable clone to revision?.


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  1. Steve Borho
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    there's nothing to prevent you from typing a branch name in the revision entry field, but 'clone -r BRANCH' is subtly different from 'clone -b BRANCH' in that the former will only give you the tipmost head of BRANCH and its ancestors.

  2. rchukka reporter

    oh ok, I thought revision text box will only take revision number(int), maybe it will be helpful(for people like me who are new) if you just add a hint to that dialog box that user can enter branch name also.

    or it would be cool also if you let users to put these options in source url, like " -r branch". if there is a "space" in source path then disable all options and assume user wants to do some custom stuff.

    I am new to HG, don't completely understand difference between -r and -b. (even after rereading your comment).


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