Issue #565 resolved

Auto Exclude List

Anonymous created an issue

The commit dialog doesn't automatically uncheck items in the Auto Exclude List. (Comparing the hgtk vs. hgqt source, there is no autoCheck)

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  1. Daniel W

    Looks like not working. I have tried in different ways: full path, file name, asterix, slash, backslash. Example:

    ciexclude = app.config
    1. Revert app.config
    2. Edit app.config in Notepad and save
    3. Refresh in Commit dialog

    Result: Appears app.config file with checked checkbox

    Expected result: Appears app.config file with unchecked checkbox

    TortoiseHg version 3.3.3 with Mercurial-3.3.3, Python-2.7.9, PyQt-4.11.3, Qt-4.8.6

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