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Sorting order in workbench

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Add a possibility to change a sort order, for example it's very useful to sort by date, not by rev number

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  1. Chris Phillips

    Any chance this could be done with just removing the graph when sorted? I frequently want to use sorting for reporting/status updates (e.g. "Who has open branches right now?" vs. "What open branches are really old?"). Currently, I find that for these cases I have to drop back to the command line to get the answer.

  2. Gili

    Agreed: drop the graph when sorting. We could always revisit a more complete solution in the future.

    My use-case: sort commits by date, click on the latest commit, un-sort (to get back the graph) and continue navigation from this point.

    When converting from an existing Git or SVN repository it's quite normal for the latest commit revision not to correspond to the latest commit in terms of time.

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