Commit should sort modified/added/deleted files to the top

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Saad Khattak
created an issue

When committing files, I have to click the stat column header twice so that I can get the files that I am interested in (the ones that are being committed) sorted to the top. If I don't do this, I have to sift through them all. This should be the default behavior and if one wishes to sort in another way, they can then click on the column headers (this will be similar to TortoiseSVN for example)

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  1. Steve Borho
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    It took quite a while for me to understand your problem. For the record, I've never used TSVN so making references to it does not help my comprehension.

    You're saying that the first click on the status header sorts unchecked files to the top and checked files to the bottom (False sorts before True). And you wish the inverted checked sort order to be the default.

  2. Saad Khattak reporter

    My apologies for not explaining it clearly. I have some screenshots here to explain what I mean. I don't have an extreme case example right at this moment, but I hope you get the gist of it.

    In my current repository I have a lot of unversioned files (I cannot filter them through the ignore list) that are created when I compile the project. When I make changes and/or add files and commit, I see what you see in CommitDialogue. You can see that the modified file is not at the top, it is somewhere in between. Now this is not an extreme case, but in cases where I have hundreds of unversioned files, the files that are being added and/or modified are lost in the list so that you have to scroll to see them. Not only that, they are not grouped either. I can't tell how they are being sorted the first time I open the commit window.

    I then click the stat button, and they are now sorted according to their status (see CommitDialogue2). The sort puts the added/modified files towards the bottom of the list which in the majority of the cases is not what you would want. I then have to click it one more time to get the added/modified files to the top (CommitDialogue3).

    Now I realize this may sound trivial, but it does become a chore especially since the 'stat' button is actually quite small to begin with. Ideally, what majority of the people would want (I am making an assumption here, I may be wrong) is when they open the commit window, they see the added/modified files, sorted so that they are grouped at the top.

    Anyway, this is a small issue and I think the fix should be relatively simple? If not, then it is not a big issue. But if it is simple to fix, I think it would make the commit window that much more friendly.

  3. Steve Borho

    You could also hide the unknowns, but I see the point. In theory it's a straightforward change to make the default order a reverse sort of the status column, so files are in MAR? order.

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