Standalone commit dialog - select all files option missing

Issue #64 resolved
Mike Wilkes
created an issue

Either I'm blind, or it isn't there. In the previous Tortoise, there was a checkbox above all other files for select/deselect all files.

In the new one, I can't find this functionality anywhere. I can select a bunch of files from the list, but there's no select/deselect all on the context menu.

I also don't see a select/deselect all on the menu.

Suspect this is also the case in the commit tab when working in the workbench, but haven't confirmed yet.

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  1. Steve Borho

    It's the same widget inside or outside of the workbench.

    CTRL+A, SPACE is the only way to do this right now. Adding a checkbox in the header, similar to the hgtk commit tool, has been attempted before but had too many side-effects so it was abandoned. Perhaps someone will want to try another approach.

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