MQ-Remove file from a patch

Issue #68 resolved
Mike Wilkes
created an issue

Using: tortoisehg-1.9.1-hg-1.7.3+f3058dd05281-x64

Working with a patch. Do a qnew/qrefresh. The commit dialog now shows no files. I like this as I can see what changes I've made since my last refresh.

The down side to this approach (or at least I haven't been able to figure out how to do it) is if I want to modify the patch by removing a file (i.e. put back into working directory) or revert a file to the previous revision.

The old THG would show all the files, and so I could easily uncheck one, do a qrefresh, and it would be back in my working directory ready to be added to a new patch, or reverted.

It would be nice to have a way to remove a file from the current patch, and put back into working directory. Perhaps an additional item on the context menu of the Revision Details tab? When I right-click an entry in the file list, add 'restore to working directory' or 'move to working directory'. Obviously only active if on a patch, and perhaps only on the last patch.

Other suggestions obviously welcome.

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