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Issue #701 resolved

pyrcc4 not found error (linux)

Bill Binder
created an issue

TortoiseHg Dialogs (version 2.0.4+93-bde2d8ff2b02), Mercurial (version 1.8.3)

On running thg in its own cloned repo, always get the following:

sh: pyrcc4: command not found warning: build_qt: Unable to generate python module /opt/thg/tortoisehg/hgqt/icons_rc.py for resource file /opt/thg/icons/icons.qrc

The dialogs do appear and things seem to run ok.

Took a look and it seems to be in setup.py in compile_rc(). The path separator is hardwired as ';' and the bin directory is being added on with an explicit '\' which is probably not going to help. Anyway, the result is that os.system fails to find pyrcc4.

Note that in my case, gentoo, pyrcc4 is actually in /usr/bin - if I remove the path manipulations, the os.system works fine.

/usr/bin is the last item in my initial PATH value, so I think the semicolon etc gets tacked on making it a non-existent directory name.

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