Trivial issue on adding files on ignore window

Issue #738 resolved
pasquale dante
created an issue

STR (steps to reproduce): 1. make some change to files source; 2. open workbenck on working directory and suppose that there are 2 files that we want to ignore; 3. highlight both files and via context menu select "ignore" item 4. ignore window is open: click to "Add" button to add first file 5. select other file and click on "Add" button: nothing happens;

If I don't highlith both files as in step 3, all work fine.

(posted by me in the past also on newsgroup)

using thg 2.0.4

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  1. André Sintzoff

    The issue seems related to a Qt issue.

    Depending on the Qt version, the issue occurs or not.

    At least Qt versions 4.6.3 (on Debian) and 4.7 (on Mac OS X) fail. Qt version 4.7.2 (on Ubuntu) does not fail.

    For Qt 4.7, I have found a workaround in but I don't understand why it works.

    @@ -204,7 +204,8 @@
         def addEntry(self):
    -        newfilter = hglib.fromunicode(self.le.text()).strip()
    +        utext = hglib.fromunicode(self.le.text())
    +        newfilter = utext.strip()
             if newfilter == '':
             if self.recombo.currentIndex() == 0:
  2. André Sintzoff

    I just did some additional tests. They are absolutely not conclusive... Mainly, we can forget my first comment.

    Depending on the number and the "position" of selected files before using "Ignore" context menu, I can add some or all files in the "Ignore filter" window.

    When selecting only one untracked file in the workbench, I'm able to add all untracked files in the "Ignore filter" window.

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