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Issue #77 resolved

Commit tool - issue with subrepo and open

Mike Wilkes
created an issue

In commit tab. Have local changes, as well as changes in subrepo. When click on open... for subrepo, get following error: {{{


Please report this bug to http://bitbucket.org/tortoisehg/thg/issues Mercurial version (1.7.3+30-20a54bdf2328). TortoiseHg version (1.9.1+53-33d8c680668a) Command: --nofork workbench CWD: C:\workspaces\hg_points\hg_workspace Extensions loaded: fixfrozenexts, transplant, rebase, mq Python version: 2.6.6 (r266:84297, Aug 24 2010, 18:13:38) [MSC v.1500 64 bit (AMD64)] Windows version: (6, 1, 7600, 2, '') Processor architecture: x64 Traceback (most recent call last): File "tortoisehg\hgqt\repowidget.pyo", line 217, in _openLink ValueError: too many values to unpack


I have seen this work before, so don't know if it's something local, or something that has changed.

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