Allow shift+tab to un-indent

Issue #82 resolved
Saad Khattak
created an issue

When writing logs, I indent it for clarity with the tab key. Shift+Tab is a universal approach to un-indent quickly. Currently, I have to backspace a few times or press Shift+Home and delete to un-indent, although with more than one indent level, this becomes problematic. Shift+Tab has the same effect as Tab in the stable release.

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  1. Steve Borho

    There was a question about this behavior posted to the QScintilla mailing list about Shift+Tab. Apparently Scintilla's default behavior is correct, but Qt's wrapper for the widget steals the keypresses.

    Soon I plan to make a generic context menu for all of our QSci widgets so many of its configurables can be tweaked and saved as user preferences. I'll be sure to include this one in the menu.

  2. Steve Borho

    Phil Thompson has responded to this issue:

    On Tue, 25 Jan 2011 16:19:49 +0200, Андрей <> wrote:
    > Hi
    > Scintilla uses Shift+Tab for unindent by default. But, if I press it in
    > Qt4/QScintilla application, focus jumps to another widget, because Qt
    > Shift+Tab for move focus.
    > I checked qt4 example - Shift+Tab doesn't work here, but works in the
    > scite.
    > How to resolve this situation?
    It will be fixed in tonight's snapshot.
    You can also apply the fix in your application by reimplementing
    keyPressEvent(), check to see if the key pressed is Key_Backtab and, if so,
    update the event so that it appears to be a Key_Tab with the shift
    modifier, then call the original keyPressEvent().
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