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Issue #835 resolved

crash when reordering empty MQ queue

Andrei Polushin
created an issue

Using nighty build on Windows XP, tortoisehg-stable-2.0.5175.4337-x86-673ad80e42c2.msi

Prerequisite: MQ extension is enabled, "Patch Queue" docking window is displayed by default.

Steps to reproduce:

Start thg from the a directory of an existing repository. The repository patch queue should be empty.

In the "Patch Queue" docking window, note that the "Reorder patches" toolbar button is enabled (it shouldn't, because the queue is empty).

Press the "Reorder patches" toolbar button. The dialog is displayed.

Press the "Cancel" button in dialog.

The application crashes.

Comments (4)

  1. Andrei Polushin reporter

    I have a repository where it happens every time when I follow the steps above.

    With other repositories, I need to repeat steps 3 (press the toolbar button) and 4 (press Cancel) several times. Usually it takes up to 10 times to get the crash.

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