Synchronize - push to here... option is missing

Issue #89 resolved
Mike Wilkes
created an issue

At least I no longer see it in the workbench when I right-click on a changeset.

Did an outgoing. Changeset part of outgoing. Doesn't appear.

Select synch tab, and Alt-click changeset. Still no push to here... option.

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  1. Anonymous

    Sorry, but this is such a common use case for me (there are times when I have lots and lots of local experimental branches). The new UI severly lacks the old feature. I think having the context menu entry back ("Push to Here") should be a no brainer - the provided workaround is painful and possibly error prone. Thank you!

  2. Anonymous

    I agree with Anonymous from 6 days ago - I used this all the time pre thg2.0 and feel seriously frustrated without it. Heck, it's bad enough for me that I thought my install was broken.

  3. Anonymous

    I'm not upgrading until this is fixed! I also miss the coloured arrows on the graph that showed which changesets are incoming or outgoing - I don't think just greying out the others is very clear. ~~

  4. Steve Borho

    it was later removed when the target selector was added to the sync tool.

    There's been some grumblings about adding back menu entries for "push to", but no patches have arrived yet

  5. Stephen Belknap

    Ah I see, thanks for the clarification Steve.

    I would support a patch to add this back too, though I could be convinced otherwise if the workflow were improved.

    As an example, say I have 2 or 3 outgoing revisions. As it is now (now being the installer I refer to above), the target drop down does not include the outgoing revision unless it is selected. However, when you select another revision, the bottom view changes away from the synchronize view.

    Previously, you could right-click any revision and push it. However, now, if you change your mind of what to push, you must select the outgoing revision, reselect the synchronize pane/view, then click the drop down and finally find the specific revision to push.

    I don't know what the arguments are against adding the right-click option back, but the existing workflow could be much improved if 1) all outgoing revisions were added to the drop down, 2) selecting an outgoing revision in the graph log does not change away from the synchronize view.

  6. Anonymous

    A bit off topic but related to Steve's last post: If those buttons at the top are acting as tabs (syncronize, commit, revision details) why aren't they just displayed as tabs, it would less confusing that way. The second issue is that on Linux Alt+Click is usually reserved by window manager for dragging the window.

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