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Christian Fischer
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I've installed the latest 2.1 version, and I'm not very satisfied with the current german translation. Some terms are hard to understand, some translations are just wrong.

A few examples, I've noticed the first day using the new version: Revert -> "Zurückrollen" (in context menu of modified files in the commit dialog): "Zurückrollen" would mean "rollback", but rollback and revert are two different commands which are doing different things. Better: "Zurücknehmen", "Rückgängig (machen)" Extensions -> "Dateierweiterungen": The extensions section in the config means mercurial extensions, not file extensions. Patch Queue -> "Flickenschlange": just weird.. I think, "patch" is a well known term for german users and everyone who is using patches should know terms like "patch queue". Review Board -> "Gutachterausschuss": is a creative translation, but I had no idea what it could mean, until I've seen the english version. Pull -> "Ziehen": I think "herunterladen" would be better to understand. Shelve -> "Stauraum": alternatives could be "Zwischenspeicher", "Ablage"

That's my first impression. If you need help with translation, I could help with it.

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  1. Anonymous

    "Flicken" must be patch for idiots.

    "Patch" is a German word by now, so is "patchen" (for "to patch") and so on.

  2. Karsten Tinnefeld

    @Christian Fischer,

    when I met the TortoiseHg translation first, it was a complete horror. Thus, I put in some effort to turn the messages I met into something human readable. I may have overshot at times, but at least those messages are now consistently in that language. I do not agree that loanwords are the best solution, so let's discuss better wordings.

    • Revert: this must be distinguished from rollback "zurückrollen", undo "rückgängig", backout "rücksetzen", so "wiederherstellen" seems appropriate. Changed translations accordingly. Problem remaining: there are some "revert local changes" which would better translate "lokale Änderungen verwerfen", introducing yet another verb. So it is "Zustand vor lokalen Änderungen wiederherstellen." What do you think?
    • Extensions: This was fixed rapidly by @S. Heimberg.
    • Review Board: This is a proper name, so reverted to not translated, i.e. ReviewBoard or ReviewBoard-Server
    • Pull: Herunterladen conflicts with several usages of download, so no option. For easy English, use easy German, even when it sounds too colloquial.
    • Shelve: I considered Zwischenspeicher, but back-translate it Cache. Then again, "shelve" is also used as a verb, which works properly as verstauen. Ablegen would be even more "easy German". There are 47 replacements due, so maybe wait for a third vote.

    I've heard the German verb of patchen, and it does not feel appropriate, though the noun Patch maybe is. Reparieren would be a translation most of us would consider, but it's neither easy nor always with the right connotation - your patch can destroy as easy as they can repair. Thus in my opinion Flicken is apposite.

  3. Christian Fischer reporter

    Hi, I know, it's hard to find good translations for technical terms. The translators are doing a good job, even when there are some curious translations.

    • Revert: "Zustand vor lokalen Änderungen wiederherstellen." sounds a bit complicated and too long for a menu entry. I think "(lokale) Änderungen verwerfen" sounds better and describes exactly what you're doing, when reverting a locally modified file. If that's not possible for any reason, I would suggest something like "Originalversion wiederherstellen".
    • Pull: "Abrufen", "Abholen" could be similar to the command in eMail clients, when you get the mails from the server. (In NetBeans, pull is also translated with "abrufen")
    • Shelve: I would prefer "Ablage, ablegen". Zwischenspeicher/Cache sounds a bit like a temporary storage like the clipboard, but shelve could store the changes forever.
    • Patch: I agree, "reparieren" wouldn't be a good choice, but I would still give the "Flickenschlange" a nomination for the funniest translation I've ever seen :-) Basically a patch is a collection of changes, so maybe it could be translated with "Änderungs[satz, liste, paket, datei]" (if it is not too similar to the translation of changeset). The patch queue could become something like "$(translation_for_patch)-Liste / Speicher / Verzeichnis"
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