thg / contrib / editortools.rc

; TortoiseHg 2.8 adds the ability to detect editors on your system
; and use them optimally,
; $LINENUM and $SEARCH are key-phrases. If you specify them in a
; bracketed section and those parameters are not passed to the editor,
; the entire bracketed phrase is removed from the command line.
; $FILE is optional. If it is not expanded in any phrase, the filename
; will be appended at the end of the command line.  When $FILE is
; specified, only one file may be opened by the editor (remaining
; filenames are dropped)


gvim.regkey = SOFTWARE\Vim\Gvim
gvim.regname = path
gvim.args = -f [-c":set hls" -c"/$SEARCH/"] [+$LINENUM $FILE]

emacs.args = [+$LINENUM $FILE] [--eval '(highlight-regexp "$SEARCH")']

gedit.args = [+$LINENUM]

scite.args = ["-open:$FILE" -goto:$LINENUM] ["-find:$SEARCH"]

; get the executable path from its shell extension entry
notepadpp.args = [$FILE -n$LINENUM] -multiInst -nosession

textpad.executable = TextPad
textpad.args = [$FILE($LINENUM)]

sublime.executable = sublime_text
sublime.args = [$FILE:$LINENUM]

textwrangler.executable = edit
textwrangler.args = [+$LINENUM --wait $FILE]

textmate.executable = mate
textmate.args = --wait [--line $LINENUM $FILE]