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Report Bugs

Do not "Create page" to report bugs. Use issue tracker.

Make sure the bug hasn't already been reported

The first step should be to consult the list of FixedBugs that are already fixed on the tip of the stable branch, and are likely already in the nightly builds.

Also consult the open bug list.

Make sure you don't have incompatible third-party extensions

In general, you'll need to upgrade hgsubversion, hggit, etc. at major release.

Creating a new issue

If your bug is truly new, or if you have an idea for an enhancement, report it to our issue tracker.

Traceback text

The bug report dialog has a Copy button that copies the bug text to the clipboard. Simply paste the report into the entry form. If the bug report is more than a screen full of text, feel free to save it from the dialog and attach it to the new issue.

Writing precise steps to reproduce

If you remember what you were doing at the time the bug occurred, please add this to the bug report, as this is frequently much more important than the stack trace itself.

Issue assignee to tortoisehg

Please leave new issues assigned to the 'tortoisehg' user as this ensures emails for the issue are distributed to the appropriate mailing list.

See our developers wiki for details on contributing patches or other work.


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