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See ReleaseNotes for bugs fixed in previous releases.

Changes since 3.3.3

Bug Fixes

  • bookmark, matching, sign, tag: allow to resize horizontally while having fixed height (refs #4043)
  • bookmark, tag, update: avoid combo box taking too much space (fixes #4043)
  • commit: prompt for new largefiles first to skip extra confirmation (fixes #1954)
  • filedata: rewrite copy detection by using copies.pathcopies() (fixes #3949)
  • merge: discard p2 changes without using debugsetparents (fixes #3856)
  • mergetools: add $output to meld to change which file will be saved (fixes #4134)
  • quickop: do not calculate status unnecessarily in GUI process (refs #1828)
  • quickop: catch known exceptions raised from repo.status() (fixes #1828)
  • repomodel: clear cache of latest tags on repository change (fixes #4137)
  • repoview: ignore corrupted column_widths saved in QSettings (fixes #1456)
  • repowidget: refresh commit tab after rollback or custom hg command (fixes #3981)
  • revset: set appropriate size policy to status bar of query dialog (fixes #834)
  • sync: get host fingerprint asynchronously by extension command (fixes #4114)


  • bookmark: add simple bookmark dialog to sync screen (fixes #322)
  • commit: do not overwrite username if ui.askusername is set (closes #4064)
  • filectxactions: enable shortcuts only if the owner or its children has focus
  • filectxactions: add shortcut to delete unversioned file (closes #3681)
  • fileview, status: enable annotate mode for working directory
  • rebase: mention command line options in checkbox labels
  • sync: add "unbundle" to "repository" menu (fixes #4067)
  • workbench: add default merge action to main menu and toolbar (closes #222)


  • evict libsvn from the binary package - it will be a 2nd download
  • move Qt and other DLLS into bin/ folder in Windows installers
  • remove PDF file from Windows installers
  • ssl: use the system's CA store

Bug Fixes in Third-party Modules

OpenSSL 1.0.1g:

  • #3702 - Client Heartbleed vulnerability (possibly with libsvn_ra-1.dll)

docdiff (TortoiseSVN):

  • #3404 - docdiff always fails with "Error comparing X and Y"


  • #3745 - error 175009 - libsvn 1.6 sometimes fails to talk to svn 1.8 server

QScintilla 2.9:

  • #4112 - Blinking cursor on inactive text fields

Random builds of the stable branch can be found at thg-winbuild