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thg / FixedBugs

See ReleaseNotes for bugs fixed in previous releases.

Changes since 3.9.2

Note: the Python bindings for subversion were deliberately removed from the TortoiseHg packages in release 3.4 for security and packaging reasons. They must be downloaded and setup manually if you need TortoiseHg to interact with subversion repositories. See libsvn

Python 2.4 and 2.5 are no longer supported.

We plan to drop support for PyQt < 4.7.5 in TortoiseHg 4.1 to accelerate the move towards PyQt 5.

Bugs Fixes


  • graph: make annotate/history graph work with a shallow (remotefilelog) repo
  • repoagent: light-weight suspend of repository monitor while running commands
  • repofilter: adjust branch combo to content every time model changed
  • repofilter: do not calculate width of revset combo from contents (fixes #4035)


  • extension: rename the extension from 'lighthg' to 'thg'
  • extension: restrict to only 'view' as a command name
  • light-ui: update the windows name to mention TortoiseHg and reponame

Bug Fixes in Third-party Modules

Python 2.7.10:

  • #4588 - importing mimetypes raises TypeError (Windows)

QScintilla 2.9:

  • #4112 - Blinking cursor on inactive text fields

QScintilla 2.9.1:

  • #4317 - Pressing numpad 'Del' while editing message may cause to ask to delete unversioned files


  • #4234 - TortoisePlink should be replaced

Random builds of the stable branch can be found at thg-winbuild