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Release Notes for TortoiseHg

This wiki page contains last minute notes to users about the releases, which may not be included in the documentation or README files included with the distribution kits. It also contains change information, for users who are interested in what bugs have been fixed, and what features have been added in the current version.

Note that like TortoiseSVN, we recommend to turn off the indexing service on the working copies and repositories, and exclude them from virus scans.

Matching Versions

If you are using TortoiseHG from source, we recommend you use the most recent stable releases of TortoiseHG and Mercurial together. TortoiseHg synchronized version numbers with Mercurial at release 3.0, so you should always use the same major revision number of TortoiseHg as Mercurial for any Mercurial version later than 3.0. For older versions of Mercurial, consult the table in OlderReleaseNotes

TortoiseHg 3.8.1

TortoiseHg 3.8.1 is a feature release. 3.8.0 was skipped since Mercurial tagged 3.8.1 the same day as 3.8.0.

Bug Fixes

  • guifork: disable interaction with tty input (refs #4469)
  • qtapp: disable interaction with tty on GUI (fixes #4469)
  • postreview: suggest wiki if reviewboard extension not enabled (fixes #4463)
  • workbench: fall back to revset query on "go to revision" (fixes #4084)


  • clone: add a --config extensions.largefiles= option
  • paths: always respect the HG environment variable


  • updates to packaged dulwich and hgsubversion

TortoiseHg 3.7.3

TortoiseHg 3.7.3 is a regularly scheduled bugfix release, primarily to pick up security bug fixes in Mercurial 3.7.3.

See https://www.mercurial-scm.org/pipermail/mercurial/2016-March/049452.html

TortoiseHg 3.7.2

TortoiseHg 3.7.2 is a regularly scheduled bugfix release, primarily to pick up bug fixes on the stable branch of Mercurial and packaging improvements.

TortoiseHg 3.7.1

TortoiseHg 3.7.1 is a feature release. TortoiseHg 3.7 was never packaged since there was a hot-fix necessary for Mercurial 3.7.

Bug Fixes

  • cmdui: backport more robust parsing of prompt choices (fixes #4423)
  • commit: include ignored files if explicitly selected (fixes #4422)
  • docklog: stop shell expansion if command-line token looks quoted (fixes #4312)
  • fileview: invert colors of excluded chunks on dark theme (refs #810)
  • lfprompt: catch Abort caused by invalid largefiles.patterns (fixes #4397)
  • merge: don't call other revision as "target" (fixes #4413)
  • nautilus: fix the extension for Nautilus 3.16+ (fixes #4228)
  • repowidget: label "reject bundle" button as "cancel" (closes #4292)
  • repotreeitem: keep root paths in unicode (fixes #3723)


  • introduce a GUI lock tool
  • repowidget: add "Revert all Files" context menu (closes #4337)
  • settings: resurrect field for ui.editor
  • sync: add browse button to the synchronize window (closes #4394)


  • setup: add support for building OS X application bundles

TortoiseHg 3.6.3

TortoiseHg 3.6.3 is a regularly scheduled bug fix release.

Bugs Fixes

  • demandimport: exclude pkgutil and pkg_resources (fixes #4271, #4298)

TortoiseHg 3.6.2

TortoiseHg 3.6.2 is a regularly scheduled bug fix release.

Bugs Fixes

  • repowidget: fix handling of patch.extract() result (hg 3.6) (fixes #4390)


  • doc: include link to download and use Python 2.7 SWIG bindings

TortoiseHg 3.6.1

TortoiseHg 3.6.1 is a bug fix release, primarily to pick up fixes in Mercurial in its 3.6.1 tag.

Bugs Fixes

  • reporegistry: move warning of opening non-hg repository to common function
  • bump major revision number in docs


  • mercurial_keyring 0.7.1
  • evolve 5.2.1
  • dulwich 0.11.2
  • hgsubversion tip of stable branch (fixes #4356)
  • hggit tip

TortoiseHg 3.6

TortoiseHg 3.6 is a major feature release

Bugs Fixes

  • mq: suppress original error only if all rejects are resolved (fixes #4325)
  • osx: adjust icon sizes when add THG_RETINA environment variable is set to True
  • repowidget: allow bookmarking applied MQ patch (fixes #4336)
  • update: handle EnvironmentError in the same way as parameter error (fixes #4283)


  • compress, graft, rebase: provide "shelve" as cleanup option (closes #4252)
  • mqdock: add menu action to push/pop to the selected patch
  • mqdock: add menu and toolbar action to finish patches (closes #4296)
  • repowidget: change Filter by/Ancestors into Filter by/Ancestors and Descendants

TortoiseHg 3.5.2

TortoiseHg 3.5.2 is a regularly scheduled bugfix release.

Bug Fixes

  • repotab: do not close removed repo in the middle of switching tabs (fixes #4253)
  • settings: fix noop deletion of unnamed hook (fixes #4289)
  • shelve: create patchctx by MQ patch name if appropriate (fixes #4308)


  • update projrc extension (fixes #4207)
  • wix: resurrect kdiff3-noauto for bundled kdiff3 (fixes #4309)

TortoiseHg 3.5.1

TortoiseHg 3.5.1 is a regularly scheduled bugfix release.

Bugs Fixes

  • visdiff: preserve the executable bit after editing a file


  • setup: exclude setup.py and distutils from py2exe build
  • wix: add mercurial/help/scripting.txt (fixes #4264)

TortoiseHg 3.5

TortoiseHg 3.5 is a major feature release, including the new Mercurial 3.5 major release and a small number of bug-fix commits.

Bugs Fixes

  • filectxactions: open save dialog where repository file exists (fixes #3445)
  • grep: split inc/exc patterns on Comma instead of Comma+Space (fixes #836)
  • lfprompt: suppress exception on getting size of inaccessible file (fixes #4240)
  • qtlib: drop support for old-style icon lookup
  • qtlib: load icons from filesystem unless frozen
  • reporegistry: look for parent repo in model on removeSubrepo (fixes #4214)
  • repowatcher: check mtime of bookmarks file (hg 3.5)
  • repowatcher: detect rollback of repository states (fixes #4193)
  • sync: sort bookmarks in target combobox alphabetically (fixes #4222)


  • names: experimental support for displaying any name space
  • repoview: add an action to resize columns ignoring settings
  • repowidget: add menu to filter ancestors, by author or branch (closes #1455)
  • sync: allow to select user certificates by file dialog
  • sync: open the save dialog when Enter is pressed in URL field
  • workbench: add icon to Web Server menu item (closes #4211)


  • update tsvn doc-diff scripts (fixes #3404, #4244)
  • setup: build Qt resources only for py2exe target
  • setup: do not pack unnecessary files to icon resource
  • setup: generate config module according to installation options (refs #2178)
  • setup: generate list of .mo files from existing .po files (fixes #2431)
  • setup: move library.zip and dlls to lib/ directory (refs #4164, #4194)
  • setup: respect prefix where nautilus extension will be installed (fixes #2178)

TortoiseHg 3.4.2

TortoiseHg 3.4.2 is a regularly scheduled bugfix release. The Windows packages no longer include subversion SWIG bindings, see libsvn.

Bug Fixes

  • settings: have filename edit accept focus by clicking (fixes #4192)
  • update docdiff scripts
  • thgstatus: fix typo in an option description
  • lighthg: use 'sys.argv' instead of undefined 'argv'

TortoiseHg 3.4.1

TortoiseHg 3.4.1 is a regularly scheduled bugfix release. The Windows packages no longer include subversion SWIG bindings, see libsvn.

Bug Fixes

  • hglib: prevent loading zeroconf extension in GUI process (fixes #3289)
  • merge: suppress changed/deleted prompt when discarding p2 changes (refs #3856)
  • workbench: avoid crash on sync bookmarks with no configured path (fixes #4166)


  • filectxactions: add explore local option to file context menu (fixes #3442)


  • contrib/hg, thg: avoid crash by missing PATH environment
  • overlay: insert bin folder to PATH and sys.path for pywintypes (fixes #4158)
  • thg: insert bin folder into sys.path for pywintypes (fixes #4153)
  • wix: move kdiff3.exe into bin/ folder (fixes #4151)

TortoiseHg 3.4+7

TortoiseHg 3.4+7 is a respin of the 3.4 Windows packages with fixes for multiple problems exposed by the reorganization of the target install folder.

  • contrib/hg, thg: avoid crash by missing PATH environment
  • overlay: insert bin folder to PATH and sys.path for pywintypes (fixes #4158)
  • thg: insert bin folder into sys.path for pywintypes (fixes #4153)
  • wix: move kdiff3.exe into bin/ folder (fixes #4151)

TortoiseHg 3.4

TortoiseHg 3.4 is a regularly scheduled feature release. The Windows packages no longer include subversion SWIG bindings, see libsvn.

Bug Fixes

  • bookmark, matching, sign, tag: allow to resize horizontally while having fixed height (refs #4043)
  • bookmark, tag, update: avoid combo box taking too much space (fixes #4043)
  • commit: prompt for new largefiles first to skip extra confirmation (fixes #1954)
  • filedata: rewrite copy detection by using copies.pathcopies() (fixes #3949)
  • merge: discard p2 changes without using debugsetparents (fixes #3856)
  • mergetools: add $output to meld to change which file will be saved (fixes #4134)
  • quickop: do not calculate status unnecessarily in GUI process (refs #1828)
  • quickop: catch known exceptions raised from repo.status() (fixes #1828)
  • repomodel: clear cache of latest tags on repository change (fixes #4137)
  • repoview: ignore corrupted column_widths saved in QSettings (fixes #1456)
  • repowidget: refresh commit tab after rollback or custom hg command (fixes #3981)
  • revset: set appropriate size policy to status bar of query dialog (fixes #834)
  • sync: get host fingerprint asynchronously by extension command (fixes #4114)


  • bookmark: add simple bookmark dialog to sync screen (fixes #322)
  • commit: do not overwrite username if ui.askusername is set (closes #4064)
  • filectxactions: enable shortcuts only if the owner or its children has focus
  • filectxactions: add shortcut to delete unversioned file (closes #3681)
  • fileview, status: enable annotate mode for working directory
  • rebase: mention command line options in checkbox labels
  • sync: add "unbundle" to "repository" menu (fixes #4067)
  • workbench: add default merge action to main menu and toolbar (closes #222)


  • libsvn evicted from the binary packages - it will be a 2nd download (fixes #3745)
  • move Qt and other DLLS into bin/ folder in Windows installers (refs #3745, fixes #4088)
  • remove PDF file from Windows installers
  • ssl: use the system's CA store
  • dulwich 0.10.1+, hgsubversion 1.8.1, evolve 5.1.4, keyring 5.0

TortoiseHg 3.3.3

TortoiseHg 3.3.3 is a regularly scheduled bug-fix release. The evolve extension was added to the Windows installer packages in this release. The bundled hg-git extension has a problem with Mercurial 3.3.3 (#4107).

Bug Fixes

  • annotate: do not instantiate filectx per line (fixes #4071)
  • copypatch, export: pass --rev option in compact form (fixes #4081)
  • doc, version: bump copyright year (fixes #4066)
  • filectxactions: avoid crash by opening log of new file (fixes #4096)
  • filedata: calculate status from given base revision if not known
  • filedata: copy subrepo attributes when switching base revisions (fixes #4102)
  • guess: sort added/removed files by path for stable result (fixes #4079)
  • repofilter: always request to unapply revset by clear button (fixes #4073)
  • repotab: catch Abort on repository lookup as well (fixes #4069)
  • repowidget: stop the description column from shrinking on restart (refs #3882)


  • Evolve extension is now bundled (latest stable tag: 5.1.2)
  • dulwich bumped to 0.9.9 (0.10.0 is broken on Windows)
  • hgkeyring bumped to 0.6.7
  • hgcr-gui (fixes #4065)

TortoiseHg 3.3.2

TortoiseHg 3.3.2 is a regularly scheduled bug-fix release, and an overhaul of the installer build system. Many components were upgraded in this release.

Bug Fixes

  • archive, clone, init, rename: prettify command-line string for display (fixes #4051)
  • cmdserver: handle unicode error in command gracefully (fixes #3246, #3453)
  • cmdserver: recreate QProcess if remainder of last request is in write buffer
  • guifork: do not fork() more than once on posix by reentering to dispatch()
  • merge, rename, settings: correct typos in help and warning messages (fixes #4047, #4049, #4050)
  • openshell: do not parse command string by shlex on Windows (fixes #4044)
  • qscilib: re-enable custom handling of input method events on QScintilla 2.8
  • repofilter: take query not convertible to localstr as revset (fixes #3664)
  • repomodel: prioritize latest tags by date and distance (fixes #4048)
  • resolve: preserve selection on refresh instead of selecting all (refs #2615)
  • resolve: disable actions while command is running (fixes #2615)
  • sync: do not trust incoming bundle, just re-pull (fixes #2497, #3582, #3847)


  • Pygments 2.0.2 (fixes #2407, #4028 by any chance)
  • Python 2.7.9 (fixes #3938)
  • QScintilla 2.8.4 (fixes #3573)
  • Qt 4.8.6 (fixes #2300, #4006)
  • libsvn 1.7.5 (fixes #3745) (EDIT: 64bit installer still bundles libsvn 1.6.x)

TortoiseHg 3.3

TortoiseHg 3.3 is a regularly scheduled feature release

Bug Fixes

  • annotate: fetch line information by command (fixes unsafe thread access)
  • cmdcore: handle ui labels in unicode to avoid possible exception (fixes #3988)
  • guifork: use real fork() on posix to run GUI in background (fixes #3701)
  • init: open repo in existing workbench process if any (fixes #3922)
  • init: run "hg init" in command process (fixes #3931)
  • lfprompt: parse minsize as float value (fixes #1901 again)
  • qtapp: handle SIGINT more gracefully by sending close event to all windows
  • repomodel: work around RepoLookupError that may occur while reload is pending
  • repowidget: switch to default task tab after initial revision is selected
  • sync: drop "recurse into subrepositories" option (closes #1645)
  • workbench: disable back/forward actions when all repositories are closed
  • workbench: make sure to run workbench by "New Workbench" action
  • workbench: narrow --newworkbench option to command scope
  • workbench: show busy indicator while command is running (fixes #1186)


  • clone, init: open workbench after repository created by standalone dialog
  • filectxactions: open file history dialog in annotate mode (closes #3760)
  • init: add option to copy user files instead of empty .hgignore (closes #3569)
  • reporegistry: mark shared repositories with a link icon overlay
  • repotab: stop filesystem watcher of background tabs
  • sync: never switch task tabs on revision selected
  • sync: provide standalone dialog by LightRepoWindow
  • workbench: forcibly reload models and views by Ctrl+refresh
  • workbench: make it possible to restore the selected sync path across restarts
  • workbench: restore last open repositories without loading them
  • workbench: resurrect docked console widget (closes #3984)


  • color: use "color hashing" to pick a color for each branch (closes #3490)
  • color: use "color hashing" to pick a color for each user
  • graph: support the branch grouping experiment from mercurial core
  • repomodel: hide all revisions if no matches found for the given revset query
  • repomodel: rerun last revset query on reload (closes #1705)
  • repoview: use a square shape for secret changesets
  • repoview: use a pentagon shape for draft changesets


  • log: add -r option to specify the initial revision to be selected
  • log: add -k/--query option to filter changesets by keyword or revset


  • add Python Caja extension support (fixes #3936)


  • hgsubversion 1.8
  • mercurial_keyring 0.6.6
  • python-keyring 4.1.1