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Release Notes for TortoiseHg

This wiki page contains last minute notes to users about the releases, which may not be included in the documentation or README files included with the distribution kits. It also contains change information, for users who are interested in what bugs have been fixed, and what features have been added in the current version.

Note that like TortoiseSVN, we recommend to turn off the indexing service on the working copies and repositories, and exclude them from virus scans.

Matching Versions

If you are using TortoiseHG from source, we recommend you use the most recent stable releases of TortoiseHG and Mercurial together. TortoiseHg synchronized version numbers with Mercurial at release 3.0, so you should always use the same major revision number of TortoiseHg as Mercurial for any Mercurial version later than 3.0. For older versions of Mercurial, consult the table in OlderReleaseNotes

TortoiseHg 4.7.2

TortoiseHg 4.7.2 is a regularly scheduled bug-fix release

Bugs Fixes

  • commit: disable format-changing diff options for chunk select (fixes #5224)
  • commit: use scmutil.revsymbol() to look up existing branch (fixes #5226)
  • graft: parse graftstate as new format if file starts with '1\n' (fixes #5220)
  • grep: use scmutil.revsymbol to resolve revision string to changectx
  • visdiff: use scmutil.revsymbol() to resolve --change

TortoiseHg 4.7.1

TortoiseHg 4.7.1 is a regularly scheduled bug-fix release

Bugs Fixes

  • filedialogs: use scmutil.revsymbol() to resolve revision string to changectx
  • graft: use scmutil.revsymbol to resolve revision string (fixes #5158)
  • patchctx: expose repo() to fix a bug in unapplied MQ patches
  • qfold: use scmutil.revsymbol() to resolve "qtip" to changectx (fixes #5159)
  • repofilter: use scmutil.isrevsymbol() to test query type (fixes #5155)
  • repoview: do not look up integer revision by revsymbol() (fixes #5156)
  • repowidget: use scmutil.isrevsymbol() for instant revision lookup
  • revpanel: use scmutil.revsymbol() to resolve source to changectx (fixes #5160)
  • strip: use scmutil.revsymbol() to resolve revision string (fixes #5162)
  • update: pass in p2.node() to csinfo to wrap it with thgchangectx (fixes #5157)

TortoiseHg 4.7

TortoiseHg 4.7 is a quarterly feature release, coinciding with Mercurial 4.7.

There were some internal changes in Mercurial 4.7 which have broken several extensions like hg-git. This release should be considered experimental.

Bugs Fixes

  • about: insert some more delay before starting network access (fixes #5142)
  • compat: replace procutil.stderr instead of util.stderr (fixes #5135)
  • hgqt: make sure shortcuts are visible in context menus in Qt 5.10
  • mq: do not mess up patches prior to qrename (fixes #5129)
  • repomodel: omit layoutChanged signal when model was/is about to be empty
  • repoview: compute optimal height on show event (fixes #5066)
  • repoview: switch to QTableView due to performance problem (refs #5061, #5066)


  • grep: add a whole word match option, move follow button next to its peer

TortoiseHg 4.6.2

TortoiseHg 4.6.2 is a regularly scheduled bug-fix release

Bugs Fixes

  • hglib: don't show diff when there are no hunks
  • revdetails: make external links work correctly

TortoiseHg 4.6.1

TortoiseHg 4.6.1 is a regularly scheduled bug-fix release

Bug Fixes

  • archive: don't convert changectx to int, call rev() explicitly (fixes #5095)
  • compat: adapt to patch.extract() generator of hg 4.6 (fixes #5088)
  • compat: catch the right exception to be raised by util.parsedate()
  • pipeui: wrap _writenobuf() if available for hg 4.6 compatibility (fixes #5090)
  • qscilib: use QWheelEvent::angleDelta() on Qt5 (fixes #5109)


  • perfarce extension has been unbundled, for a broken upstream link

TortoiseHg 4.6

Bug Fixes

  • fileview: serialize font name passed to Scintilla as UTF-8 (fixes #5075)


  • repofilter: use partial matching to filter branch list (closes #4589)
  • repomodel: add a column with the git commit hash (closes #5073)
  • revpanel: show the git commit hash if the repo is a git clone (refs #5073)
  • topics: new dialog to manage topics


  • latest evolve, hgsubversion releases

TortoiseHg 4.5.3

TortoiseHg 4.5.3 is a regularly scheduled bug-fix release

  • repowidget: do not stringify 'None' of filter revisions (fixes #5060)
  • i18n: drop excessive '\' from internal URL of ru translation (fixes #5063)
  • graphopt: do not build nodes just for flags() (fixes #5061)

TortoiseHg 4.5.2

TortoiseHg 4.5.2 is a regularly scheduled bug-fix release, primarily containing the security fixes in Mercurial 4.5.2

TortoiseHg 4.5

TortoiseHg 4.5 is a quarterly feature release

Bug Fixes

  • mergetools: add meld with --auto-merge (fixes #4973)
  • mq: add action for "qpush --move" (closes #4991)
  • mq: preserve selection on trivial renames (fixes #5004)
  • mq: trigger delete patches action by Del (closes #4944)


  • chunks: do not apply fontdiff to whole DiffBrowser widget
  • manifestmodel: do not call begin/endInsertRows() if empty (fixes #5000)
  • qtapp: do not try to select destroyed signal having no argument (fixes #5020)
  • qtapp: enable support for HiDPI toolbar icons (fixes #5025)
  • settings: remove unsupported "fontlist" config knob (fixes #4945)