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Release Notes for TortoiseHg

This wiki page contains last minute notes to users about the releases, which may not be included in the documentation or README files included with the distribution kits. It also contains change information, for users who are interested in what bugs have been fixed, and what features have been added in the current version.

Note that like TortoiseSVN, we recommend to turn off the indexing service on the working copies and repositories, and exclude them from virus scans.

Matching Versions

If you are using TortoiseHG from source, we recommend you use the most recent stable releases of TortoiseHG and Mercurial together. TortoiseHg synchronized version numbers with Mercurial at release 3.0, so you should always use the same major revision number of TortoiseHg as Mercurial for any Mercurial version later than 3.0. For older versions of Mercurial, consult the table in OlderReleaseNotes

TortoiseHg 4.1

TortoiseHg is a regularly scheduled (quarterly) feature release, coinciding with Mercurial 4.1

Bug Fixes

  • cmdcore: fix PYTHONPATH to not include ''
  • revdetails: fix url/nodeid markup to not capture HTML escapes (fixes #4663)


  • Latest hgsubversion and evolve tags

TortoiseHg 4.0.2

TortoiseHg 4.0.2 is a regularly scheduled bug-fix release, containing only updates to Mercurial itself.

TortoiseHg 4.0.1

TortoiseHg 4.0.1 is a regularly scheduled bug-fix release

Bug Fixes

  • customtools: add tooltips to hook types dropdown (fixes #4625)

TortoiseHg 4.0

TortoiseHg 4.0 is a quarterly feature release


  • graph: make annotate/history graph work with a shallow (remotefilelog) repo
  • repoagent: light-weight suspend of repository monitor while running commands
  • repofilter: adjust branch combo to content every time model changed
  • repofilter: do not calculate width of revset combo from contents (fixes #4035)


  • extension: rename the extension from 'lighthg' to 'thg'
  • extension: restrict to only 'view' as a command name
  • light-ui: update the windows name to mention TortoiseHg and reponame

TortoiseHg 3.9.2

TortoiseHg 3.9.2 is a regularly scheduled bug-fix release.

There were no changes to TortoiseHg itself in this release, but the installer packages include Mercurial 3.9.2 and many updates to the packaged software libraries. The Windows installers now come with the latest Python release (2.7.10), the latest Qt4 and PyQt4 releases, and updates to several Mercurial extensions including keyring, evolve, and dulwich (hg-git).

TortoiseHg 3.9.1

TortoiseHg 3.9.1 is a regularly scheduled bug-fix release.

Bug Fixes

  • graphopt: show working copy if any of its parents are in a branch filtering
  • sync: reorder SecureDialog.init to avoid too early _updateUi() (fixes #4559)
  • toposort: avoid crash when tip revision is hidden

TortoiseHg 3.9

TortoiseHg 3.9 is a quarterly feature release, with many improvements to performance on large repositories, and security improvements in Mercurial 3.9. See https://www.mercurial-scm.org/wiki/SecureConnections

Bugs Fixes

  • merge: fix missing separator in merge preview output (fixes #4526)
  • repofilter: do not emit branchChanged if original branch is restored
  • repowatcher: compare st_size and st_ctime to detect changes
  • repowidget: add status bar to LightRepoWindow (fixes #4553)
  • run: load template functions from extensions (fixes #4515)
  • wconfig: patch iniparse to allow :suboption in name


  • commit: focus on commit message after branch operation (fixes #4442)
  • filedata: pass in existing copy information to diff
  • fileview: change shortcut keys of parent toggle actions to free Ctrl+n
  • icons: doubles the icon sizes on Linux on retina displays (fixes #4493)
  • init: relabel "Add special files" to avoid confusion with "hg add" (fixes #4513)
  • repofilter: improve branch drop-down performance
  • repomodel: new graph layout algorithm for large repositories
  • status: reuse working context in WctxModel
  • sync: add widget to select minimum TLS protocol
  • workbench: add actions to switch tabs by Ctrl+n key (closes #3543)
  • workbench: add shortcut to toggle visibility of task tab


  • updates to mercurial_keyring, evolve, hgsubversion, and hg-git

TortoiseHg 3.8.4

TortoiseHg 3.8.4 is a regularly scheduled bug-fix release.

Bug Fixes

  • N/A


Updates to dulwich and evolve, and (obviously) hg 3.8.4

TortoiseHg 3.8.3

TortoiseHg 3.8.3 is a regularly scheduled bug-fix release.

Bug Fixes

  • extensions: prevent loading blackbox in GUI process (fixes #4489)
  • matching: do not use indexing to get first revision from smartset (fixes #4497)


Updates to hgsubversion, hggit, evolve, hgkeyring, and python-keyring (which changed hosting to github)

TortoiseHg 3.8.1

TortoiseHg 3.8.1 is a feature release. 3.8.0 was skipped since Mercurial tagged 3.8.1 the same day as 3.8.0.

Bug Fixes

  • guifork: disable interaction with tty input (refs #4469)
  • qtapp: disable interaction with tty on GUI (fixes #4469)
  • postreview: suggest wiki if reviewboard extension not enabled (fixes #4463)
  • workbench: fall back to revset query on "go to revision" (fixes #4084)


  • clone: add a --config extensions.largefiles= option
  • paths: always respect the HG environment variable


  • updates to packaged dulwich and hgsubversion

TortoiseHg 3.7.3

TortoiseHg 3.7.3 is a regularly scheduled bugfix release, primarily to pick up security bug fixes in Mercurial 3.7.3.

See https://www.mercurial-scm.org/pipermail/mercurial/2016-March/049452.html

TortoiseHg 3.7.2

TortoiseHg 3.7.2 is a regularly scheduled bugfix release, primarily to pick up bug fixes on the stable branch of Mercurial and packaging improvements.

TortoiseHg 3.7.1

TortoiseHg 3.7.1 is a feature release. TortoiseHg 3.7 was never packaged since there was a hot-fix necessary for Mercurial 3.7.

Bug Fixes

  • cmdui: backport more robust parsing of prompt choices (fixes #4423)
  • commit: include ignored files if explicitly selected (fixes #4422)
  • docklog: stop shell expansion if command-line token looks quoted (fixes #4312)
  • fileview: invert colors of excluded chunks on dark theme (refs #810)
  • lfprompt: catch Abort caused by invalid largefiles.patterns (fixes #4397)
  • merge: don't call other revision as "target" (fixes #4413)
  • nautilus: fix the extension for Nautilus 3.16+ (fixes #4228)
  • repowidget: label "reject bundle" button as "cancel" (closes #4292)
  • repotreeitem: keep root paths in unicode (fixes #3723)


  • introduce a GUI lock tool
  • repowidget: add "Revert all Files" context menu (closes #4337)
  • settings: resurrect field for ui.editor
  • sync: add browse button to the synchronize window (closes #4394)


  • setup: add support for building OS X application bundles

TortoiseHg 3.6.3

TortoiseHg 3.6.3 is a regularly scheduled bug fix release.

Bugs Fixes

  • demandimport: exclude pkgutil and pkg_resources (fixes #4271, #4298)

TortoiseHg 3.6.2

TortoiseHg 3.6.2 is a regularly scheduled bug fix release.

Bugs Fixes

  • repowidget: fix handling of patch.extract() result (hg 3.6) (fixes #4390)


  • doc: include link to download and use Python 2.7 SWIG bindings

TortoiseHg 3.6.1

TortoiseHg 3.6.1 is a bug fix release, primarily to pick up fixes in Mercurial in its 3.6.1 tag.

Bugs Fixes

  • reporegistry: move warning of opening non-hg repository to common function
  • bump major revision number in docs


  • mercurial_keyring 0.7.1
  • evolve 5.2.1
  • dulwich 0.11.2
  • hgsubversion tip of stable branch (fixes #4356)
  • hggit tip

TortoiseHg 3.6

TortoiseHg 3.6 is a major feature release

Bugs Fixes

  • mq: suppress original error only if all rejects are resolved (fixes #4325)
  • osx: adjust icon sizes when add THG_RETINA environment variable is set to True
  • repowidget: allow bookmarking applied MQ patch (fixes #4336)
  • update: handle EnvironmentError in the same way as parameter error (fixes #4283)


  • compress, graft, rebase: provide "shelve" as cleanup option (closes #4252)
  • mqdock: add menu action to push/pop to the selected patch
  • mqdock: add menu and toolbar action to finish patches (closes #4296)
  • repowidget: change Filter by/Ancestors into Filter by/Ancestors and Descendants