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TortoiseHg follows Mercurial's release schedule for major feature releases. We try to do stable releases at least once a month to push bug fixes out to users in a timely fashion.

Release Numbering

Roughly every three months (four times a year), we will take the development branch (default), merge it to the stable branch, and release it as a new feature release. In between these feature releases, there will be multiple maintenance releases since most of our users install our binary packages and cannot easily get bug fixes any other way.

The first incremental release after a feature release may contain behavioral or layout changes as we provide polish to the new features added in that feature release. The following incremental releases should be pure bug-fix releases.


Before each feature release, we will progressively lock down the code:

  • -2 weeks - feature freeze, merge default to stable, bug fixes only
  • -1 week - no new translatable strings on stable
  • -3 days - code freeze on stable. Documentation and installer changes only