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Debugging Dialogs

Debugging dialogs usually requires running the thg command from a command line window

  • set THGDEBUG in your environment
  • disable 'Fork GUI' and 'Capture stderr' in your global settings
  • launch thg from the command line

To get full dumps of all exceptions, including those that are possibly expected, add these two lines to your global settings file.


If you have a bit of python knowledge, you can also use: thg --debugger <command>

Debugging the shell extension


  1. Enable Debugging (below)
  2. start a new explorer or restart the explorer:
    • new explorer: explorer /separate (no path!)
    • kill all explorer in the task manager (desktop disapears) and execute explorer (in a dos window or on the start entry of the task manager) or
    • log off and log on

See also for some info bits about Running and Testing Shell Extensions on Windows

Enabling Debug Output on Windows

Debug output for the shell extension is now disabled by default (see ddce4294c9ef, which is in 0.9).

It needs to be enabled in the registry by setting:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TortoiseHg] "DebugShellExt"="1"

There is a file


in the sources which does this. Just double click it to load it into the registry or start regedit and do 'Import...' from the file menu.

Information about developing and testing the shell extension can be found in the document win32/shellext/README.txt in the sources. README.txt has a section "Testing" which mentions this.


set the environment variable DEBUG_THG for nautulus:

  • testing in separate process: DEBUG_THG=Ne TMPDIR=/tmp/anydir/ --no-desktop nautilus [path]
  • testing with main instance: nautilus -q; DEBUG_THG=NOe nautilus (Quits all nautilus windows!)
  • permanent: set DEBUG_THG in a file which is read on session start (/.profile, /.xprofile)

Values of DEBUG_THG

Uppercase letters for modules, lowercase letters for specific parts of them

eError (in module)

restart nautilus

  • killall nautilus (the session restarts nautilus automatically, stdin and stdout go to /.xsession-errors)
  • nautilus -q; nautilus (stdin and stdout are on the console)