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Repository Access and Command Execution


  • RepoManager manages life-cycle of RepoAgent and its filesystem monitor.
  • RepoAgent owns repository object instead of extending it to thgrepository.
  • RepoAgent (and CmdAgent) will receive all command requests and run them in sequence.
  • Provides consistent unicode APIs

Command Execution

RepoAgent and its backend, CmdAgent, provide the same APIs to execute Mercurial commands asynchronously.

runCommand(cmdline) or runCommandSequence([cmdline, ...]) start or queue the specified command and return new CmdSession object which will provide notification signals.


    def __init__(self, ...):
        self._cmdsession = cmdcore.nullCmdSession()

    def runUpdate(self):
        if not self._cmdsession.isFinished():
            return  # command still running
        cmdline = hglib.buildcmdargs('update', rev='.')
        self._cmdsession = sess = self._repoagent.runCommand(cmdline, self)

    def _onUpdateFinished(self, ret):
        if ret != 0:
            cmdui.errorMessageBox(self._cmdsession, self)

The relation between CmdAgent and CmdSession is similar to the one between QNetworkAccessManager and QNetworkReply.

Capturing Output

By default, all command outputs are propagated through outputReceived signal. This is very inefficient for transferring large chunks.

There are two alternative APIs:

  • sess.setCaptureOutput(True) enables in-memory output buffer. All data outputs (excluding ui messages) are buffered by CmdSession and can later be read by QIODevice-like interface.
  • sess.setOutputDevice(device) redirects all data outputs to the specified QIODevice. It can be used to write outputs to QFile.


CmdThread (default < 3.1, removed at 3.2)

  • lightweight and feature-rich
  • cannot abort on I/O stall, #1507
  • has several thread issues like #1661 or #2071


  • high overhead (especially on Windows)
  • no interactive prompt

CmdServer (default >= 3.1)


  • CmdControlDialog for one-shot command with configurable parameters
    (e.g. "archive", "clone", "update")
  • CmdSessionDialog for log window of started command
    (e.g. "verify", hidden log window of "quickop")
  • CmdSessionControlWidget to implement dialog which needs unusual handling
    (e.g. "compress", "import", "rebase")
  • bare LogWidget and ThgStatusBar for others
    (e.g. "commit", "sync")

  • TODO: add utility for tag-like dialogs?

Change History

In 2.9:

  • introduce RepoManager and stub for RepoAgent
  • redesign command API of
  • #1783 - thg keeps a ref to a folderrepo for too long ?
  • #1571 - disable filesystem monitor while command running

In 2.10:

  • new per-repository command runner which manages busy state and command queue
  • cmdui.Runner and cmdui.Dialog has been replaced by the new command runner
  • run web server in separate process

In 2.11:

  • replace cmdui.Widget by new command runner
  • remove manual busy counting, increment/decrementBusyCount()
  • almost all widgets receive RepoAgent in place of raw repo
  • move shortname and displayname to RepoAgent
  • pass ui to cmdcore.CmdAgent so that it can read user configuration
  • #2208 - Support --config argument for 'thg workbench'
  • obtain RepoAgent of subrepo through main's

In 3.0:

  • extract reusable QtUi from
  • add experimental command server client which uses QProcess

In 3.0.2:

  • #588 - Unified diff view doesn't work well with EOL extension → discussion

In 3.1:

  • missing ui.error label in command server
  • use command server by default
    • #3343 - Blackbox extension not working when using hg from within TortoiseHg
    • #1661 - "abort: Interrupted system" call during push with subrepos
    • #2071 - crash when pushing with mercurial_keyring
    • #2614 - util.hgexecutable() returns wrong path
    • 074fd0fde0b6 - of Mercurial 2.6 only works in main thread
    • #484 - Can't update to any revision (SVN subrepo)
    • #788 - Can't use git repo
    • #3637 - Redirect hook stdout, stderr to Output log
  • #3370 - Workbench UI getting dispresponsive on certain operations
  • switch bundlerepo (and unionrepo) globally by RepoAgent
  • manage --hidden flag globally by RepoAgent
  • #3735 - obosoleted changeset appears as "Child:" field unexpectedly
  • add API to capture raw command output without emitting outputReceived() (for email preview, revset query, export to clipboard, etc.)
  • replace threaded revset query
  • reimplement wctxactions by using command APIs
    • #1347 - Add support for pre-<command> and post-<command> hooks
    • #2217 - Adding files to source control in the separate thread
    • #1953 - largefiles treated wrong when added by tortoise contextmenu-entry "add large..."

In 3.2:

  • remove CmdThread
  • reimplement movemqpatches as extension command, hg qreorder
  • factor out change notification signals

    • #3697 - No workbench refresh when first commit is rolled back
    • #2572 - Doesn't auto refresh when update and discard new branch
  • global abort button (#1186)

In 3.3:

  • #3931 - run hg init in command server
  • shutdown app gracefully by SIGINT
  • stop command server before closing clone/init dialog
  • busy progress (#1186)
  • use hg annotate -Tpickle for thread safety
  • refactor repomodel

    • #1594 - error after qpop
    • #3832 - Sync target is reset after detecting outgoing changesets

In 3.3.1 (unreleased):

  • better handling of unicode error

    • #3246 - better handling of UnicodeEncodeError of command-line parameters
    • #3453 - Cannot commit


short-term (in 3.4?):

  1. fine-tune change notification for MQ
  2. redesign ui.error and dispatch wrapper


  • add API to connect QIODevice to "I" channel of command server (in order to replace use of temporary files)
  • wrap ui.edit() for histedit or rebase --edit?
  • command runner for clone, init and bulk sync operation

    • extract service manager from RepoManager (see also 1ff0182d8523, a8c83e9e3b87 and 9d66488a0e67)
    • pool unbound CmdAgent and create as necessary
    • per-widget thin proxy to select free CmdAgent
  • fetch log and calculate revision graph asynchronously

  • template-based log columns (e.g. {date|localdate|isodatesec})
  • reimplement purge.CheckThread which isn't thread-safe
  • reimplement visdiff.visualdiff which isn't thread-safe
  • replace visdiff.snapshot() by hg archive ?
  • replace StatusThread
  • run hg grep in command process
  • make ManifestModel fetch status asynchronously
  • remove global cache of thgrepository instances
  • keep dirstate/wctx up-to-date by RepoAgent?
  • better control of refreshWctx()
  • provide read/write config API
  • reload root ui object when global setting is changed?
  • how to call workbench from sub dialogs?
  • drop thgrepository extension
  • don't propagate data output by slow signal (always send data through QIODevice interface)
  • command server over ssh link
  • show command to be executed in log widget instead of separate "Hg command" text box
  • ...

Issues to Consider

file-system monitoring:

  • #1469 - RevlogError on strip, rebase, collapse, etc.

hidden, union repo:

  • #2552 - compare branch from different repos


  • #1507 - Stop button for pull that hangs
  • #3381 - Locked folders/files on Windows (again)


  • #3226 - IOError while trying to commit


  • #532 - Long operations block UI (Qt)
  • #1738 - Add option to hide close branch commit
  • #1991 - Highlight parents of merge
  • #2038 - Local Time log column should be MY local time
  • #2264 - Allow to export the log view content to file/clipboard
  • #4033 - graph: highlight ancestors of selected revision
  • #4099 - Updated dynamic tags not updating in GUI (hg-git)
  • #4139 - Crash when stripping last changeset of branch included in filter
  • #4173 - fetch revset results per batch size ...

auto-refresh working status:

  • #3706 - No automatic refresh after Import to working copy
  • #3981 - No refresh after undo/rollback ...


  • #3621 - Shelve tool does not always know about added/removed files
  • #3670 - WindowsError 6 in pipe decode/encode filter

child to workbench:

  • #2354 - "Folder History" in revision browser does nothing

bulk push/pull and polling:

  • #456 - Allow multiple push/pull in Hg Workbench
  • #799 - Workbench: Check each repo for new incoming changelists
  • #1348 - Mark repositories with uncommited/unpushed changes in repository registry
  • #1951 - Add to the toolbar visible number of incoming and outgoing revisions

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