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TortoiseHg Development Repositories


The main repository hosted on bitbucket that only Steve Borho and a few contributors can push to. This is the official repository that everyone should clone:

It has two named branches:

  • stable contains only released code and reasonably well tested bug fixes. All official release binary installers are built from this repository.
  • default This is where development occurs between releases, and is the basis for nightly builds.


The installer repository, based on a subrepo tree of source repositories and an intelligent setup script. This repository is used to build TortoiseHg and Mercurial packages for Windows.

Inactive Repositories

TortoiseHg Project Layout

High level layout of the TortoiseHg repositories:

win32/Windows installer sources (the shell extension is in a separate repo)
doc/reST and sphinx based documentation
tortoisehg/util/TortoiseHg utilities used by PyGtk, PyQt, and nautilus
tortoisehg/hgtk/TortoiseHg portable PyGtk dialogs
tortoisehg/hgqt/TortoiseHg portable PyQt dialogs
contrib/location for misc helper scripts
icons/Icons shared by context menus and applications
hgtkLauncher python applet for pygtk dialogs, used by context menus
thgLauncher python applet for PyQt dialogs, used by context menus
setup.pyDistutils script