William Pitcock avatar William Pitcock committed 357f513

debian-base: install linux-image-$debarch to avoid ambiguity

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 print "Interpret results:"
-interpret_parsetree(tree, {'chroot': sys.argv[2], 'simulate': 'simulate' in sys.argv})
+interpret_parsetree(tree, {'chroot': sys.argv[2], 'simulate': 'simulate' in sys.argv, 'arch': 'x86_64', 'debarch': 'amd64'})


 {% extends "base.spec" %}
 {% set possible_launch_cmds=['/sbin/start-stop-daemon', '/usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d'] %}
 {% block bootstrap %}
-	{"operation": "runcmd", "chroot": false, "command": ["debootstrap", "{{ distribution }}", "$chroot"]},
+	{"operation": "runcmd", "chroot": false, "command": ["debootstrap", "--arch", "$debarch", "{{ distribution }}", "$chroot"]},
 	{% for command in possible_launch_cmds %}
 		{"operation": "runcmd", "chroot": true, "command": ["mv", "{{ command }}", "{{ command }}.REAL"]},
 		{"operation": "runcmd", "chroot": true, "command": ["ln", "-sf", "/bin/true", "{{ command }}"]},
 	{"operation": "runcmd", "chroot": true, "command": ["apt-get", "-y", "--force-yes", "update"]},
 	{"operation": "runcmd", "chroot": true, "command": ["apt-get", "-y", "--force-yes", "install", "openssh-server", "e2fsprogs"]},
 	{% block kernelinst %}
-		{"operation": "runcmd", "chroot": true, "command": ["apt-get", "-y", "--force-yes", "install", "linux-image"]},
+		{"operation": "runcmd", "chroot": true, "command": ["apt-get", "-y", "--force-yes", "install", "linux-image-$debarch"]},
 		{% if 'xen-tweaks' in phases %}
 			{"operation": "render_template", "template": "debian/grub-menu.lst.tmpl", "target": "/boot/grub/menu.lst"},
 		{% endif %}
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