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Initial start on redhat derivatives support

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+{% extends "base.spec" %}
+{% block bootstrap %}
+	{"operation": "runcmd", "chroot": false, "command": ["rinse", "--distribution", "{{ distribution }}", "--directory", "$chroot", "--arch", "$debarch"]},
+	{"operation": "render_template", "template": "base/resolv.conf.tmpl", "target": "/etc/resolv.conf"},
+	{"operation": "runcmd", "chroot": true, "command": ["yum", "install", "authconfig"]},
+	{"operation": "runcmd", "chroot": true, "command": ["authconfig", "--enableshadow", "--update"]},
+	{"operation": "runcmd", "chroot": true, "command": ["chkconfig", "network", "on"]},
+	{"operation": "runcmd", "chroot": true, "command": ["yum", "install", "kernel", "openssh-server", "sudo", "rootfiles"]},
+	{"operation": "runcmd", "chroot": true, "command": ["chkconfig", "sshd", "on"]},
+	{"operation": "render_template", "template": "alpine/grub-menu.lst.tmpl", "target": "/boot/grub/menu.lst"},
+{% endblock %}
+{% block packages %}
+	{% for package in packages %}
+		{"operation": "runcmd", "chroot": true, "command": ["yum", "install", "{{ package }}"]},
+	{% endfor %}
+{% endblock %}
+{% block configure %}
+	{{ super() }}
+{% endblock %}
+{% block cleanup %}
+{% endblock %}
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