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ADL: more docs

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 A tree node looks like this:
-	{"operation": "runcmd", "chroot": true, "command": ["/bin/true"]}
+{"operation": "runcmd", "chroot": true, "command": ["/bin/true"]}
 We use [Jinja2](http://jinja.pocoo.org) as a preprocessor.  This provides a useful macro
 {% extends "base.spec" %}
+## Operations
+There are various operations which are implemented by the interpreter.  They are:
+* **runcmd**: Run a command inside or outside of a chroot.  Takes two parameters, **chroot**
+  which is a boolean, and **command** which contains the arguments and command name.
+* **render_template**: Renders a template and installs it to a location in the guest filesystem.
+* **noop**: Skips this node in the parse tree.
+## Phases
+There are various phases which are implemented by `base.spec`.  This allows for ADL files
+built ontop of the framework provided by `base.spec` to weave only certain parse tree
+nodes into the final parse tree representation based on what the end-user wants to do.
+These phases are encapsulated inside `{% block %}` constructs.
+The phases are:
+* **bootstrap**: Commands to get an initial system installed.  Things like `debootstrap` and
+  `pacstrap`.  Perhaps ugly hacks involving rpm2cpio, but we will probably ship a helper script
+  for that.
+* **packages**: Commands to install user specified packages or otherwise optional packages that
+  are not needed in the system when it's done with the **bootstrap** phase, but would be needed
+  to bring the system up on a hypervisor or under bare metal.
+* **configuration**: Commands to set up the configuration of the appliance based on the `config`
+  object.
+* **custom**: Any special commands that the specfile may wish to provide.  Also could have additional
+  phases here.
+* **cleanup**: Cleans up any changes done to the guest filesystem during **bootstrap**.
+* **xentweaks**: Tweaks some config files for running under Xen, such as `/etc/inittab`.