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William Pitcock  committed ce69caf

ak-interpret-axml: hack into something which allows us to debug the toolstack

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 import json, sys
 from pprint import pprint
-data = compile_axml_file(sys.argv[1], phases=['bootstrap', 'packages', 'custom', 'cleanup'])
+data = compile_axml_file(sys.argv[1], phases=sys.argv[3:])
 tree = compile_parsetree(data)
 print "Compiled AST:"
-print "Interpret results (simulation):"
-interpret_parsetree(tree, {'chroot': '/home/nenolod/test', 'simulate': False})
+print "Interpret results:"
+interpret_parsetree(tree, {'chroot': sys.argv[2], 'simulate': 'simulate' in sys.argv})