William Pitcock avatar William Pitcock committed f2bf07b

parsetree: add MkdirParents operation

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+class MkdirParentsOperation(UnimplementedOperation):
+    def __repr__(self):
+        return "<{}: '{}'>".format(type(self).__name__, self.path)
+    def visit(self, state):
+        simulate = state.get('simulate', False)
+        print 'MkdirParents', '{}{}'.format(state['chroot'], self.path)
+        if simulate:
+            return
+        target = state['chroot'] + self.path
+        mkdir_p(target)
 optree = {
     'noop': NoOpOperation,
     'runcmd': RunCmdOperation,
     'setenv': SetEnvOperation,
     'render_template': RenderTemplateOperation,
+    'mkdir_p': MkdirParentsOperation
 def compile_parsetree(parsetree):
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