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ddosmon is a network analysis platform which is designed to find anomalous network patterns such as DDoS attacks and act on them automatically. It can do this either by directly sniffing or acting on netflow data export streams.

It is used by a few hosting providers and datacenters.


We recommend running ddosmon as a special user with appropriate ACL to access network devices if needed. You should compile ddosmon as that user:

specialuser@box:~/ddosmon-source$ ./configure --prefix=$HOME/ddosmon-home
specialuser@box:~/ddosmon-source$ make
specialuser@box:~/ddosmon-source$ make install

Then edit etc/ddosmon.conf.sample in $HOME/ddosmon-home as needed and save it as etc/ddosmon.conf.

Run ddosmon by invoking bin/ddosmon in $HOME/ddosmon-home.

custom modules, support contracts, etc.

You can get custom support contracts, development, and other ddosmon-related services through my consulting business, TortoiseLabs.

Feel free to get in touch.

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