Copyright (c) 2012, 2013, 2014 TortoiseLabs LLC.

Many components of this software are free but copyrighted. See for exact terms and conditions.

What is it?

Cloudware is a modular framework for building and facilitating customer management and interactions.

The open-source release includes the following modules:

  • DNS management
  • High-level VPS management (using the TortoiseLabs Edia framework)
  • Account lifecycle management
  • Invoicing (including generic recurring services and crediting)
  • Technical support
  • Service status
  • Generic bootstrap-based branding module

Additional modules and custom integrations are available, with a fast turn-around time. Contact our sales team for more information.


  1. Copy to and edit it.
  2. Run
  3. Modify to fit your needs, or use as a config file for Apache mod_wsgi. Specific deployment instructions are not covered here.
  4. Create an account on the application instance after it is deployed on your webserver.
  5. Run <username> to give them admin access.
  6. Add to your crontab like so:
*       *       *       *       *       (cd /home/cloudware/panel2; python minutely) &>/dev/null
*       *       *       *       *       (cd /home/cloudware/panel2; python monitoring) &>/dev/null
0       *       *       *       *       (cd /home/cloudware/panel2; python hourly) &>/dev/null
0       0       *       *       *       (cd /home/cloudware/panel2; python daily) &>/dev/null

At this point your installation is complete. Individual modules may need manual configuration (such as setting up the DNS servers and replication for the DNS module).

Running the Jobserver

Cloudware has a Jobserver for running tasks using the Edia framework. We simply recommend running the Jobserver in screen, like so:

$ screen python

This will provide a screen session where you may monitor the performance of the Jobserver.