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Copyright (c) 2012, 2013 TortoiseLabs LLC.

This software is free but copyrighted. See for exact terms and conditions.


This is a lightweight Python binding for Xen which allows some manipulation of virtual machines. Specifically, it supports the following:

  • Listing all running domains (which then can be iterated over)
  • Stopping (both forcefully and safely) domains
  • Getting a PTY handle for a domain (so that one may read or write from the PTY)
  • Collecting state information, including:

    • Performance counters (both hypervisor and xen-backend driver counters)
    • Run-queue state (blocked, dying, stopped, paused, etcetera)
    • Amount of memory consumed by the domain
    • Name of the domain
    • Maximum memory limit for the domain (memory hotplug)
    • Online VCPUs for the domain

More things will be added in the future as we need them. Or if you want them, we also accept patches.

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