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 There's currently one for TurboGears >= 0.9a4 and another for CherryPy (untested)
 More on this `here <doc_index.html#integrating-into-a-web-application-or-framework>`_.
-There's a TurboGears 1.0b1 sample app in ``examples/tgsample`` which you can
+There's a TurboGears 1.0b2 sample app in ``examples/tgsample`` which you can
 run by cd'ing in that directory and running: ``./``. The app
 runs on port 8080 of the local host.
 incompatibilities.  This doesn't mean that both kind of widgets cannot co-exist
 in the same page, it only means that they cannot be combined in the same
 compound widget (Using a TG TextField in a ToscaWidgets form, for example).
-ToscaWidgets also bundles a widget that wraps `MochiKit`_ 1.3.1 which might 
+ToscaWidgets also bundles a widget that wraps `MochiKit`_ 1.4 which might 
 cause problems if included in the same page as TG's.
 still missing. I'd appreciate any colaboration in this area of the project ;) 
 (or in any other).
+Mailing List
+**ToscaWidgets** and related packages can be discussed in the TurboGears trunk
+`mailing list`_. Please mention *ToscaWidgets* in the subject line when posting
+for easier searching.
 .. _Alberto Valverde González:
 .. _MIT License:
 .. _FormEncode:
 .. _CherryPy:
 .. _Kid:
 .. _Cheetah: http://
+.. _mailing list: