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Cleaned up and write docs for the compressor command
improved stacks and robustness of archiver command
some eye candy for the resource archiver
some cleanup and a safety net to to ovewrite some important dir when exporting resources
a little cleanup
Implemented a setuptools command to opmiize static resources
many changes. see changelog for details
Rewrote static dir registartion to be more predictable so different concurrent processes map exactly to the same dirname, webdir pairs. implemented PREFIX/resources/installed.tar and loaded.tar to generate tarballs from all static files so they can be unpacked somewhere a server like apache/nginx can serve directly
stolen LRUCache from Mako to use instead of a dict in the template and repetitions caches
Removed a bucnh of deprecated code
removed feeder import from
see changelog for details
bumped ver to 0.9.2
made inject resources default
removed import from paste.deploy and copied asbool to tw.core.util
Closed #3 and #8 and added an updated TG1 sample app which makes use of the resource injection mechanism in done in TW's filter
added a test for resource inclusion in head
refactored dynamic calls code to allow a location parameter to Widget.add_call and make the include_dynamic_js_calls parameter unneccesary
fixed typo at docstriing
close #7
Removed extension of retrieve_resources in pylonshf
implemented a rudimentary cache for repeated widgets
tweaked the test for leaked widgets so it catches any Widget
Moved PasteScript template to a separate module so the PasteScript dependency can be optional
Made ToscaWidgets egg zip_safe
completely removed dependency from RuleDispatch, PyProtocols and decorator
fixed typo, gee, I miss C compiler errors to spot these... right
fixed dynamic widget repetitions by cloning a widget 'template' dynamically in the RepeatingWidgetBunch instead of using the error-prone RequestLocalDescriptor
added failing tests for a widget repeater inside another widget repeater
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