percious  committed f90e21a

applies DPB's patch to fix propagation of error messages to sub-forms..

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File tw/core/

         return False
 serial_generator = count()

File tw/mods/

     default_view = RequestLocalDescriptor('default_view', 'toscawidgets')
     def __init__(self, engines=None, default_view='toscawidgets',
-                 translator=lambda s: s, enable_runtime_checks=True, default_engine='toscawidgets'):
+                 translator=lambda s: s, enable_runtime_checks=True, default_engine=None):
         if engines is None:
             engines = EngineManager()
         self.engines = engines
         self._default_view = default_view
         self._default_engine = default_engine
+        if default_engine is None:
+            self._default_engine = default_view
         self.translator = translator
         if not enable_runtime_checks: