tw.forms / CHANGELOG.txt

tw.forms Changelog
================== (July 6, 2009)

* bugfixes to form templates to ease-up template field markup XML requirement.

0.9.7 (June 19, 2009)

* Adapted to changes in TW Closes #29 & #32

0.9.6 (June 4, 2009)
* Fix to render widgets with non-binary attributes properly
(checked="checked" vs. checked="True"). 
* Changes to better support error messages in tw.dynforms
* New-style class conversion

0.9.5 (Unreleased)

0.9.4 (Unreleased)

0.9.3 (April, 23 2009)

* Calendar date picker had some language fixes, and othe minor fixes.
* Tutorial is updated.
* Other Documentation updated.
* Minor Maintenance/Bugfixes, see

0.9.2 (August, 17 2008)
* Removed since it depends on RuleDispatch which we no longer
  depend on and wasn't actively maintained. If you still need it you can grab
  it form earlier revisions in the repository.
* Reverted EGG to being zip-unsafe since mako templates cannot be located

* :class:`tw.forms.InputWidget` now has a ``strip_name`` parameter which can
  be set to True to indicate that the name if this field (which **must** have
  children) will not be used to build fully-qualified names.
  This is useful to "flatten-out" nested fieldsets which otheriwise would
  need/provide a nested dict.
* Removed the ``strip_name_if_root_container`` since it is redundant now what
  there is a ``strip_name`` parameter.

0.9.1 (Jun, 8 2008)

* Made tw.forms EGG zip safe now that TW can serve static resources from inside
  zipped EGGS

0.9 (Jun, 1 2008)

* Calendars can now set calendar_lang dynamically. This change requires
  TW >= 0.9 (May, 30 2008)

* Included static resources in (May, 30 2008)

* removed Unneeded import from dispatch

0.8.1 (May, 29 2008)

* Removed use of RuleDispatch


* Changed package structure and changed imports for the namespace change in TW

0.2rc2 (unreleased)

* Fixed bug in SelectionField where value was not properly selected on redisplay
  after failed validation when using validators other than (Unicode)String.
* Addition of Spacer and Label widgets. These are currently derive from 
  FormField, although this is not ideal as they don't generate input.
* Inclusion of an id field in the container element around a form field and it's 
* Addition of show_labels options to TableForm, TableFieldSet, ListForm, 
* Display of form-wide errors on TableForm, TableFieldSet, ListForm, ListFieldSet

0.2rc1 (Nov. 19 2007)

* Many small bugs and rough edges have been polished.
* fieldfactory now available to introspect models and generate fields. Thanks
  to Timothy Sweetser.
* Mako templates are now available for every FormField and the DataGrid. This
  makes twForms not depend on Genshi. Thanks to patch #1484 by Roger Demetrescu.
* Errors for hidden fields are now displayed, thanks to patch at #1331 by
  Pauli Virtanen.
* There's a new ``SecureFormMixin`` to protect against CSRF attacks, thanks to
  patch at #1331 by Pauli Virtanen.