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percious  committed b05d15b

print statement removal more validation test fixes.

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File tests/test_validation.py

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     def test_round_trip(self):
         test = twc.CompoundWidget(id='a', children=[
-                twc.RepeatingWidget(id='q', child=twc.Widget)
+                twc.RepeatingWidget(id='q', child=twc.Widget())
             twc.CompoundWidget(id='cc', children=[

File tw2/core/template.py

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         """Return a function that will that processes a template appropriately,
         given the source and destination engine names.
-        print src, dst, template
         if src =='string' or src=='toscawidgets':
             return lambda **kw: string.Template(template).substitute(**dict(kw['info']['w'].iteritems()))
         #what the hell causes this