thg / contrib / wix / help.wxs

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Wix xmlns="">

  <?include guids.wxi ?>

    <DirectoryRef Id="INSTALLDIR">
      <Directory Id="helpdir" Name="help" FileSource="$(var.SourceDir)">
        <Component Id="helpFolder" Guid="$(var.helpFolder.guid)">
          <File Name="config.txt" KeyPath="yes" />
          <File Name="dates.txt" />
          <File Name="diffs.txt" />
          <File Name="environment.txt" />
          <File Name="extensions.txt" />
          <File Name="glossary.txt" />
          <File Name="hgweb.txt" />
          <File Name="multirevs.txt" />
          <File Name="patterns.txt" />
          <File Name="revisions.txt" />
          <File Name="revsets.txt" />
          <File Name="templates.txt" />
          <File Name="urls.txt" />

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