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Minor tweaks

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 kwalletd &
 # Keychain (SSH & GPG)
-eval `keychain --eval id_rsa 1A6E3377` &
+#eval `keychain --eval ~/.ssh/id_rsa 1338F289` &
 # Hide mouse cursor when idle
 unclutter -idle 4 &
-export EDITOR='vim'
-export GIT_EDITOR='vim -fg'
-export GPG_TTY=$(tty)
-export GREP_COLOR='1;34'
-export GREP_OPTIONS='--color=auto'
-export LANG='en_GB.UTF-8'
-export PAGER='less'
-export PINENTRY='/usr/bin/pinentry-kwallet'
-export SSH_ASKPASS='/usr/bin/ksshaskpass'
-export VISUAL='vim'
+GIT_EDITOR='vim -fg'
+export $EDITOR
+export $GIT_EDITOR
+export $GPG_TTY
+export $GREP_COLOR
+export $LANG
+export $PAGER
+export $PINENTRY
+export $SSH_ASKPASS
+export $VISUAL
-# System binaries
+# System executables
-# My binaries
+# My executables
 export PATH="$PATH0:$PATH1"
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