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     * add mode to command line, where every keystroke executes a script (vim like command mode)
       * idea: F7 -> command mode, if you hit ':' you can use the cmd line just like now and type eg. set-highlight c++;
+* Good interface for JavaScript indentation scripts
+  It is a good idea to look how other editors deal with indentation, I think vim & emacs are good
+  references.
+  Here a list or URL's which describe how these editors handle indentation:
+    * (bit about emacs stuff)
+    * (bit about vim stuff)
+    * (how to write a simple vim indenter)
+  I think the vim way is a good idea to take, register keys which trigger the indent actions and such,
+  look at the third link to have a reference.
 * Cursor position restriction extension
   * export enough api to allow 3rd party apps to provide a cursor that
     * handles advancing/retreating
 * Input restriction extension
   * needed? probably not