mote: modal text editor

What is it?

A spiritual fork or reimplementation of Vim, put together using Python, C++ and Qt. By utilizing GUI elements instead of relying on a text-based interface (e.g. ncurses) the user experience can be made more comprehensible and easily understood. Vim is a widely used and acknowledged text editor with an abundance of extensions. This project aims to be as compatible as it can be with Vim and remains a heavily keyboard-focused environment.

Planned features

  • Graphic equivalent of netrw/NERDTree
  • Tab completion
  • Go to file (think CMD-T or FuzzyFinder)
  • Syntax highlighting using the same (if possible) syntax as Vim
  • Vim modes: Normal, Insert, Visual etc.
  • VCS integration (git, to start with)
  • Split views, both horizontal and vertical
  • No "invisible" buffers, all open files belong in a tab/view/whatchamacallit
  • Diff (v-split) view
  • Focus on keyboard navigation, not mouse
  • Toggleable todo-list (to jump between "TODO" entries in the file)
  • TextMate-ish snippets