1. Giacomo Lacava
  2. ShowMeThatFeed



Show me that feed

A simple Safari extension to display XML in the browser. Just right-click and Show me that feed!

Pull requests very welcome! Don't be shy to tell me my code is rubbish, I know that already.


If you're only going to use this extension, just download and install the prepackaged file.

Development (or source installation)

  1. git clone git@bitbucket.org:toyg/showmethatfeed.git showmethatfeed.safariextension
  2. Enroll as Safari extension developer (free).
  3. Get a certificate.
  4. From Advanced tab in Safari Preferences, check Show Develop in the menu bar; then from Develop menu, select Show Extension Builder.
  5. click on the + icon in lower left corner, select Add Extension... and point to the source folder.
  6. click on Install in the top right corner. Now the extension is installed; whenever you want to test a change, click on Reload to refresh Safari and all its pages.