Show me that feed

A simple Safari extension to display XML in the browser. Just right-click and Show me that feed!

Pull requests very welcome! Don't be shy to tell me my code is rubbish, I know that already.


If you're only going to use this extension, just download and install
the prepackaged file.

Development (or source installation)

  1. git clone showmethatfeed.safariextension
  2. Enroll as Safari extension developer (free).
  3. Get a certificate.
  4. From Advanced tab in Safari Preferences, check Show Develop in the menu bar;
    then from Develop menu, select Show Extension Builder.
  5. click on the + icon in lower left corner, select Add Extension... and point to the source folder.
  6. click on Install in the top right corner. Now the extension is installed;
    whenever you want to test a change, click on Reload to refresh Safari and all its pages.