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moved bdb location to var

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 # This script installs dbxml and python bindings
 # I use it in virtualenvs, should work for generic installs as well
-# assumes all prereqs are installed, and bdb is found under /usr/local/lib
+# assumes all prereqs are installed
+# TODO: add the prereqs
 export DBXML_SRC=/usr/src/dbxml-2.5.16
 export BSDDB_SRC=$DBXML_SRC/dbxml/src/python/bsddb3-4.8.1
+export BDB_ROOT=/usr/local/lib
-python build --berkeley-db=/usr/local/lib
-python install --berkeley-db=/usr/local/lib
+python build --berkeley-db=$BDB_ROOT
+python install --berkeley-db=$BDB_ROOT
 cd $DBXML_SRC/dbxml/src/python
 python build
 python install