Chinese Server after 4.0 update?

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Hi, I had been using this application on chinese server during 3.57 patch and it worked perfectly. However since today's update of 4.0, the application can not get the price of items on the market board. It can still correctly read my gil and inventory. By any chance you can look into it?

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  1. StoneXiao

    Thank you for the reply! I've tried all the old versions from to I found out any version before can not read my gil and inventory and all of them can not get the price of items from market board.

  2. Toy Ruby repo owner

    Is it OK from

    This application is very strongly dependent on the binary of game client. I think the Chinese version of the game client is a binary of a build different from the Japanese version. So, It may not work.

  3. StoneXiao

    No, it has the same problem as the current latest version. It can read my gil and inventory but not the market board.

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