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Hi, I'm the author of FFXIV Teamcraft, a tool that handles listing, node spawn alarms, commissions system, etc for crafters and gatherers on ffxiv. Everything is amde to be realtime and translated in 4 languages (en, ja, de fr).

I saw your app was about MB parsing and that's something I wanted to add to Teamcraft, but rather than creating something that you already made better, what if we could collaborate?

The idea would be to have a readonly API where I can do GET requests, in order to get pricing informations, and in return I can tell people, directly on the app "hey, wanna have more informations about MB prices, install this app, they provide us all the data".

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  1. Toy Ruby repo owner

    I was absorbed in Raid and I was not watching this ticket. I noticed this comment right now.

    There is no problem if it is a cooperative relationship with understanding that this tool is an informal tool like ACT.

    There is already a mechanism for referring the price information of this tool on the Web and it can be published.

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